How it started!

Front quarter view of a second generation Isuz...
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It began with a Isuzu Trooper 3.1 TD which I have purchased in 2005. I have used the Car to pull a Horse trailer and also to go on holidays in the UK and Europe. The Load space was great but it was slightly underpowered.

I have made some modifications to the Car. Replaced the suspension with Old Men Emu shocks and OME heavy duty springs. I also added a African Outback Roof rack on to it.

And that’s where the problems started.

It is impossible to clamp the legs from the rack directly to the roof. After a long search I could get some second hand original Isuzu legs which screws directly to the roof. It looked flimsy but was surprisingly strong and after throughout test’s I was convinced it will be strong enough for the purpose. I had to purchase some Rhino bars, on which i could connect the rack.  Between the roof and the rack was a big gap, which was not ideal but unavoidable.

Isuzu Trooper Duty

After I  sorted the problems with the rack, it was time to add more stuff to the vehicle. First was a ARB Simpson 2 Roof tent. At first I had some mixed feeling about purchasing the tent as I had no experience about roof tents and I did not know anybody with one. I have looked some tents at 4×4 show in the country but all the well knowing tents was far to expensive.

Simpson II Roof Tent and African Outback Rack

Next was a Engel Fridge on the list. Then a strong, water tight box for the roof and some driving lights. I needed also a leisure battery (Optima yellow top) and a battery management system. The last addition was a ARB awning.

Optima Yellow Top Battery

As I had no intention to keep the Isuzu for long, to purchase a drawer system for the trooper was out of question, so I had to make my own system out of plywood. Of course this was not perfect, but it was suitable for the time.


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