The next step

1998–2002 Toyota Land Cruiser (FZJ105R) GXL, p...
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As the Isuzu Trooper was badly corroded, I decide in 2008 to take the Car away and by a Toyota Land Cruiser instead, which was always on top of my wish list. Original I planned to get a Land Cruiser  80, 100 GX or a 105. Unfortunately  I could not get hold on a decent one. Also to get a 105 in the UK is nearly impossible unless to get one imported. I didn’t want to go this way.

Finally I got a Toyota Land Cruiser  Amazon VX 100 which was in excellent condition. I was aware of all the extra electronic with which the cruiser came. Not I would have any need for it. But there is a lot what can be taken out or disconnected in case of trouble.

The Cruiser also came with a Hydraulic suspension system (AHC), which I was not very keen on it and I had already plans to take it out  and replace with a ordinary suspension system.

Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon VX 100

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