I was never keen on the hydraulic suspension on the Landcruiser, so I planned to remove the AHC and replace with OME Nitrocharger Shocks and OME Torsion Bars.

Front: OME 133

Rear: OME 101

Torsion Bars: OME 303002

Heavy Duty Springs: OME 864 +400kg

My previous experience with Old Men Emu Shocks and Springs has made it easy for me to choose them again. The suspension is much harder when empty, but fully laden the difference is not that big anymore.

I have been told removing the AHC and replacing with ordinary suspension will have a negative impact on the Vehicle’s stability. I have tested the LC empty and also fully laden, I could not find any problems. In fact I prefer the way as it is now, as with the AHC it was a bit to spongy for me. The new shocks and springs gives me a ride height of about the same as I had with the old suspension on the highest level.

Old Men Emu Front Shock

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