Drawer System

As I have mentioned before, I did not want to build my own drawer out of plywood or similar again. Instead I planned to go for the African Outback Drawer System. It is not the cheapest on the market, but very versatile and also includes a pull out Fridge slider.  After a lengthy wait I received all the parts and was very happy to discover nothing was missing or damaged. The drawer system is fairly heavy. It’s weight in about 90 kg but it is built to last. It is very easy to fit and can be done  in a couple of hours. The first step is to remove some lashing down fixing in the boot. No new holes need to be drilled. Some of the Bolts in the boot was a pain to remove as the protrude trough the bodywork  and has been badly corroded. With a bit help of WD40 I could get them out on the end. No new bolts for fixing on to the bodywork has been supplied. I had to use the old bolts again.


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