Auxiliary Battery System

I could not place the aux. Battery under the seat as I had on the Isuzu. I had to find a new solution.  The advantage of the drawer system is, there is plenty of small compartments to fit additional equipment.  The compartment on the right seems to me ideally. I could get my Optima Yellow top 4.2 LU Battery, which I have used on the Isuzu, easy in to it. I could also fit the DC to AC Inverter (3000w peak, 1500w continuous) in to the space. I did not want to leave the socket on the Inverter. I moved the socket to the back for easy access and also to switch it on and off.  I placed the fuses on to the back to but still hidden out the way. At the moment I run 2x 12v DIN Socket, the Engel Fridge and the Inverter from the aux. Battery.

To access the Battery or Inverter I just have to move the lid out the way and for the fuses I have to remove a view screws, which is done in a matter of minutes.

Aux. Battery
AC Socket

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