Safari Snorkel

The next on my list was to fit a Snorkel to the Car. There is various versions on the market but I decide to go for the Safari Snorkel SS130HF. In my opinion it is very stylish build and fit the  Car well. A large hole has to be cut in the right wing but as a template is provided it is not a big issue. Also the wing indicator  need a new cut out  lower down. The Wing on the Amazon is very roomy  and to fit  the connection pipe to the air inlet is very easy. I have made sure all the connections are tight and well sealed. Despite a lot of people suggest to seal the rubber valve on the air filter box I left my open as it is a none return valve and should not cause any problems.

I believe more water will go trough the air inlet on the snorkel then coming trough the rubber valve. At least any trapped water has a escape route in the filter box.

Safari Snorkel
Air inlet
Wing connection

Safari Snorkel II


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