ARB Bumper

I never liked the original bumper on the Land Cruiser. They are made from plastic, very low to the ground and ridiculously expensive if the need to be replaced. I spend some time to look for an alternative. My plan was to add a Winch to a later state. This has narrowed my choice and only two was left. TJM or ARB. I  ended up to go for the ARB Bumper  which is made in Australia and very well built. It took about four-month until I have received the parts. Yes, if you leave in Great Britain, it is definitely not from the shelf.

I also ordered some ARB side rails which connect to the Bumper and also replaces the steps. The advantage of the steps are, they much higher of the ground and also made from steel tubular instead from the Land Cruiser plastic.

To my surprise all the parts fitted very well, no extra drilling, apart from two holes which needed to be drilled after fitting the bumper to the vehicle.

The removal of the old bumper is a very easy job. Just a view bolts and the cover is of . Next is to remove the energy absorber which is made from polystyrene and at last the reinforcement bar. This has given me access to wax-oil all the areas which I usually have no access. On top of the old bumper was the driving light washer connected which of course needed to be removed. and the pipes blocked off. I have not figured it out how I could fit the washer jets on to the new bumper.

First job is to fit the winch cradle on to the frame. The inter-cooler hose need to be removed to place the bolt trough the frame. I found it is much easier to fit the nuts on top of the frame instead on the bottom as written in the instruction. Next is to lift the bumper on to the Winch cradle. After a view attempts with some help from my neighbours to lift the bumper on to the cradle I preferred to do it on my own. The bumper just need to be lifted on to the cradle and will stay there. All the bolts can be fitted easily from the bottom. It is enough play in the holes to align the bumper perfectly. The next is to connect the wiring from the additional indicators on to the existing wiring. Everything was supplied.

The side steps has given me a bit a headache. Nothing wrong with the parts. It was about the remaining actuators and spheres from the hydraulic suspension system which I have left in place.  Unfortunately two of the actuators needed to be removed as it was in the way of the clamps which fit the steps on to the frame. The actuators has been bolted with three bolts on to the frame of the car. Two on the side and one on top of the frame. The top ones was the problem. Only about two to three centimetres space is left between the bolt head and  the body. I managed to round one of the bolts of and it took me about two days to get this one out.

Nobody can imagine how happy I was when I finally managed to remove the remaining pieces. To fit the “rock solid” side steps was no problem, just a matter of bolting the brackets on to the frame and bumper bars. I’m very impressed with the quality of all the parts.


OME Bumper





Left side with intercooler hoses


Right side, the plugs are for the fog lights, which are now obsolete





Winch cradle




Indicator lights


Fitted Winch cradle







Fitted ARB Bumper



Without side step

amazon00484ARB side rail




Finished Project


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