T-Max Winch

After I have finished the Bumper, the next on my list was to go for an electric Winch. I have researched quite a bit; looking for different models but could not make a decision which one I should go.

Each one had its up and downs. As the Land cruiser is a very heavy vehicle, I did not want to go for an 8000 or 9000lbs winch. I would rather opt for 10 000 or 12 000lbs Winch.

There are plenty models on the Market and also in all price categories. At a 4×4 Show, I could see a lot of the different winches of which I had my eye on. With the ARB Bumper I was restricted to use only certain models so I could not use any Bridge winches. The Solenoid box need to be separated from the Winch and had to be mounted somewhere else on the vehicle.


At the end, there were only 3 brands left. Warn, Superwinch and T-max. I believe Warn and Superwinch are excellent winches and definitely capable of going a long way.

The Warn winch had put me off, as they are very expensive. I believe that, if someone uses the winch on a regular basis it would be the winch to go for.

Superwinch would be great to, but they’re very heavy and weights in at nearly 60kg.

Coincidently I could see an offer at my local Garage for T-max winches, which are made in Australia.

T-max makes a lot different models up to 12500lbs (5665kg) and also an Outback series, which is apparently better protected, from the harsh environment that occurs in Australia.

I could get a very reasonably priced T-max 12500lbs outback series winch, which even includes a wireless remote control. The winch only weights about 43kg.


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