ARB Air locker

The Landcruiser 100 series with IFS is only with a Rear differential locker equipped. Unfortunately Toyota has left the front locker away, which, as proven by the 80 series is often very handy. For most users it is sufficient to have only the rear locker. If you want to go that little further it is recommended to get an aftermarket locker installed.

After a bit of research I have decided to go for an ARB Air locker and Air compressor for the front axle.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to install an air locker into the rear axle if the vehicle is already equipped with an electrical locker; this is due to the incorrect housing for it, which my LC has.

Personally, I would prefer to have the air lockers on both Axles.

I did not want to install the locker myself instead I opted to get it installed professionally from TBR UK in Harwich, which have done a great job.  The installation of the high output ARB Air compressor, which also can be used for other purposes, I did myself, as I was not sure where I would install all the parts, so this gave me time to think.

OME Front Differential

With the removal of the AHC Pump and reservoir I had plenty space left to use it for the compressor with extra connector

Empty Space
ARB Compressor

Air locker switches and compressor switch (Rear locking switch not in use)


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