Light Force Lights

I have bought a pair of Light Force  240 Blitz Lights which have a long range of about 900 meters. The housing is made out of super strong polyamide and apparently indestructible. The lenses are made from hi-impact polycarbonate. With a 100 watt bulb the output is approx 730 000 candlepower.

My first impression was the lights looking a bit flimsy and very light but they are very strong and can be dropped on the floor without any hesitation. As the ARB Bumper has some brackets made for the lights, been the fitting was very easy and could be performed in a very short time.

I did not get the Light force wiring harness instead I have made my own and fitted  a 30 amp relay. The light switch came with the box and was another easy step for fitting it.

The light comes supplied as standard with a clear spot polycarbonate cover but can be exchanged with a combo or wide angle lens. Also different colors would be available.


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