My plan for the future is to install a Long ranger fuel tank which would go into the space where the spare wheel is currently  located. To do this it is necessary to relocate the spare wheel.

Another option would be possible, I could put it on the roof rack which would be very  inconvenient to put it up or take it down, not even taking the extra weight in to consideration. Also it would restrict me  having only one spare wheel. My plans is to travel to places where 2 spare wheels would be recommended, not to say it is absolutely necessary.

Another possibility would be to fit a couple of spare wheel carriers on to the back of the LC but, again, I’m not very keen to bolt it through the body of the car. It looks a bit flimsy to me.

After some time of research, I have opted for the ARB dual wheel carrier on the Bumper. It is extremely expensive piece of kit but, an absolutely great piece of engineering. I had the chance to see some of other peoples Land cruisers equipped with the ARB Bumper, so I would know which one to get.

Original Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon Rear Bumper

After removal of the outer plastic skin, I was surprised to see the bad state of the bumper support. Rust was present in all the hidden places. Even the rear bumper reinforcement was half rotten away

Rear Bumper Reinforcement

The back step reinforcement and the the extension mounting bracket did not looked so bad

Lower reinforcement

I removed reinforcements and extension mounting brackets which will be not required for the ARB bumper

Left hand side frame

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