While I’m literally waiting for the paint to dry, I started to do some preparation jobs on the bumper. There are a few things that you must do before fitting the bumper. Everything is explained in the fitting instructions, which ARB sent with the bumper. It took a bit of time to search through the bags to find the right bolts and washers and all the other little bits, which it comes with.

New ARB Bumper

The bumper weight in a hefty 53 kg and with the spare wheel carrier added it is in excess of 120 kg.  With the removal of the old Bumper, under Car spare wheel carrier and the Tow bar assembly I gained about 50 kg.

I wished ARB had supplied stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers instead the mild steel. I’m concerned about the corrosion, which will take place in no time. The only prevention at present is, I used copper paste, which I hope helps me in the future to loosen the bolts if it is necessary.

The additional taillights can be fitted beforehand. The original taillights, which are on the Land Cruiser, will be covered from the Spare Wheels. The only drawback is the different bulbs, which are ARB use. I have to remember to put the appropriate spare bulbs in to the Car.

Tail light on ARB Bumper

The weather was good to me, so I carried on with the paint job.I ordered some Chassis black paint but unfortunately it did not arrived on time. I used some ordinary black paint out of an Aerosol can. That will have to do.

ARB recommend to paint the rear quarter panel satin black on both sides. Lucky me, I still have one in my shed.

For more protection I used Dinitrol 4941/Car and 4010 Clear Wax. Which I sprayed over the dried paint. I tried to get it in all holes and cavities in the Chassis.


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