Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ100 Exhaust Pipe No.1

On my Land Cruiser the exhaust pipe No.1 includes a  Catalytic converter. As I very often fording deep rivers (hence the Snorkel on the LC) I’m a bit concerned to destroy the converter as the pipe goes very hot and the rapidly cooling down does definitely not any good. Luckily I could purchase a exhaust pipe without the Catalytic Converter. This particular pipe is actually for the Land Cruiser 105 Serie which has no CC.  It has exactly the same measurement and to remove the old and to refit the new pipe, it needs only 4 bolts unscrewed. I was very lucky as the bolts which are on the Turbo pipe did not give me any problems but I managed to sheared one bolt off at the connection by the middle silencer. Access was good, I got the remaining part out in no time.

Old and new pipe
Turbo connection
Middle box connection
View from bottom

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