New Alternator for my Land Cruiser Amazon J10

A while ago, every time I started the LC there was a whistling noise; which always stopped after driving for a few minutes. At first I thought it was the V-belts, however, I checked these and all was okay.

It took me a while to figure out it was one of the bearings from the Alternator; this probably happened due to driving through deep water and mud whilst off-roading.

Luckily, I managed to source a 120amp for a decent price.



To get to the alternator this involves removing the air-box and the intercooler hoses due to the limited access.


There is 2 different plug style on the Alternator. This one is the oval type


Out with the “old” …….


… with the “new”


Make sure the plug fits


 Hoses and air box refitted.


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