Fitting ARB Bumper to a Land Cruiser 80

Inspired from my ARB Bumper on my 100 series, a friend wanted a Winch bumper too. Despite of his a bit tired looking Land Cruiser 80 build in 1994 and probably more important task like sorting all the rusty bits out before he even start  thinking of bolting accessories  on his vehicle.

The decision was made from him and the next step was to find the right Bumper. He was looking in to all sorts including self made bumpers and also TJM. He ended up to purchase an ARB similar to my but customized for an 80 series Land Cruiser.

Luckily he found a Company which had a spare one in the stores and this saved him the time for the order from Australia.

The first I have noticed the ARB Winch bumper for the 80 series has no winch cradle as on the 100 series and also very easy access to bolt a winch on.

Next step was to remove the original Toyota Land cruiser bumper which is no hassle as only a few bolts need removed.

He then painted the ladder frame where the ARB Bumper will slide on to it and can be then bolted in place.




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