LandCruiser 80 series Dashboard strip down

The last couple of days I have spend my time dismantling the Dashboard from a friends 80 series. The reason was, the heating does not function properly and only lukewarm air blows in to the cabin. We checked the radiator and the pipe work and we came to the conclusion it has to be a problem with the Matrix (heat exchanger). The only way to find out is to strip the Dashboard to the bones and see where the problem might be.





Eventually we managed to get everything together again. What we could not manage to get the matrix out as we was running out of time. The owner need the LC to go down to France. It seems the heating is better now as I found a small problem with one of the bowden cables which adjust the temp. control. It seems it is a bit warmer but in my eyes it is still too cold.  With my 100 series LandCruiser, I’m probably spoiled as the heating works fantastic.  Anyway he will go down to France and I hope he got the opportunity to try out his heating system  and then we will see. Watch the space.


One thought on “LandCruiser 80 series Dashboard strip down

  1. Hi i own a land cruiser 80 series 1994 model and dont feel like selling it for atleast next decade or so i just want to ask if we can replace the 80 series dashboard with a 100 series dashboard as it will give a feel of change and better looks u r an expert i need ur advice what will be needed and will tht job be easy to do please contact me on my email


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