Land Cruiser 100 Series IFS Diff Drop Kit

Everyone who owns a 100 Series with the IFS and removed the AHC and put normal shocks in or even has a slight lift is familiar with the problems, which will occurs over the time.

I had my hydraulic system removed few years ago and for a sometime I noticed wear on the CV boots. A couple of month’s ago I had one of the boots split and after tackling the enormous tasks of removing half of the front axle to get only a CV boot changed, I decided it is definitely on the time to have a differential drop kit installed before any more damage occurs.

Now, that I’m living in the UK it is not easy to get one of the shelves, as they are not very popular here. I researched in the Internet and I found plenty get sold in the USA and Australia. I also found a Company in France, which sells them for whopping 400 Euros plus VAT and delivery. Luckily I found another Supplier in Australia which post also to UK. Road Runner Offroad in Buln Buln, Victoria , they have posted the kit to me in a very quick and efficient manner. I could not ask for more. It  cost me including import tax and delivery £260.00 which is a fair difference to the offer from France.

 Next step is to install the kit; lets see how the weather is tomorrow.



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