Air Conditioning Recharge

About 2 years ago my air conditioning pump seized and I had to get a new clutch and pump, which has cost me dearly. Since then I never had any problems. A view month ago when we had this lovely warm weather I noticed the air con system never blow cold air as use to and the last view weeks seems  getting worse. Now middle in the winter it is probably not that important to address the problem but as I have now plenty of time I thought I will have a look in to it.

There is no way to put the Car in to a Garage to fix the problem as I was traumatized from the last bill and I would rather use the LC without air con before I fork out so much money again.

A friend told me, he is an owner of 2 Jeeps; he has the same problem with one of his Cars. Every two years he has to refill his air con system and the problem is solved. Also he told me, instead to go in to a Garage to refill the system he do it himself.

Luckily I found   a shop near my home which sells the equipment, which I need. This includes an Air conditioning recharge bottle R134a refrigerant and a reusable trigger dispenser and gauge. Instruction is included and fairly easy and strait forward to use.


The cap on the low pressure side need to be removed and the the hose connected. The engine need be switched on and the air condition on cold for at least 3 minutes.


Adjust the ring on the  gauge to the outside air temperature.


Press the trigger until the needle shows between the arrows and this is it. Very simple procedure and it took only a view squeeze on the trigger to fill my system up. After I had a test run I could feel the different strait away and I’m happy the problem with my air conditioning is solved.


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