New Wing (Fender) for the Land Cruiser

Yes, I had to bite the bullet and purchase a new left hand wing for my Land Cruiser 100. On the front part of the wing the rust coming through and it is not worth to repair it, I would rather get another one. I was trying to get a second hand fender in good condition but unfortunately I could not get one in a decent condition. I have spoken to my local Toyota dealer and was surprised when they told me the prize. I aspect they would ask for more. Not to say it was very cheap but everybody who drives a Land Cruiser know what Toyota parts cost. I asked if it is possible to get the wing painted in to the right color but the told me it will be only  painted when they fitting the wing them self as they would like to much the color to the rest of the Car. As I have the Snorkel installed and on the new wing I need to cut the whole out beforehand, there is no way I would let Toyota  do the job. It is a strait forward job and I can do it easily myself. Now I’m looking for a decent painter which I hope not rip me off.





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