EGR exhaust pipe broke off

The small pipe which I have left behind, when I have removed the EGR Valve has broke off in Belgium and yes  it was in the dark.  Luckily it was dry and not so cold. I managed to use a pair if pliers to nip the pipe together a bit , which I believe is made out of brass,  as the noise was unbearable to continue with the journey. It still leaks some exhaust fumes  but it is much better then before. We travelled another 2 hours until we reached Luxembourg, where we stayed overnight. We will move on this morning and in to Germany, where I try to find a Car part outlet to get some kind of exhaust paste ore rap to put it around the stump which is left. I will try to load some photos up. Anyway I should have done  the job correctly, before we left home and not have the excuse to say, I had no time to do.


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