A Day in the Moors

A  short time ago we spent a day offroading in the Yorkshire Moors. A good friend joined us for the trip. The weather was fantastic for the time of the year and we could not have asked for more.  In the afternoon it turned a bit chilly as the wind picked up but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we continued to have a great time.


Checking the Route


The first part


The 80 series needed a bit a help from the 100 as the front and rear differential locks we’re not working


The 100 series behaved very well


80 series in the rocky section


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Moors

      1. My 100 came to me as a compromise. I had an FJ60, then I met my wife… She wants to overland and travel too, but wasn’t crazy about the idea of an old truck (a smelly one at that). Plus, she cant drive a manual trans.
        I love the 100’s wide open interior; I always felt the U.S. spec 80 to be cramped in the driver’s are and rather uncomfortable. So. when looking for an auto Toyota 4×4 suitable for big trips, the 100 seemed to be the best choice.
        I’m glad I made it, it has been a solid rig. I love seeing other’s use theirs; it keeps me modifying mine in a sensible manner.


  1. I always liked the FJ60 and also the 80 series. In my Country is virtually impossible to get a hand on a decent 60 as they usually full of rust and far too expensive to get them back on the road. The same seems to me happen with the 80 series. Also sourcing spare parts is an issue.
    We are here very fortunate to have diesel engines as I prefer them. The strait 6 cylinder from Toyota is a fantastic piece of kit and I have seen some engines with a half a million miles on the clock and hardly any repairs if at all.
    A lot of folks complaining about the IFS on the 100 series but I have not seen any disadvantages compares to the solid axle models. In fact I prefer the IFS on my long travels on tarmac.

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