Land Cruiser 100 (IFS) Lower Wishbone Bush Completion

Finally I have completed the change out of the bushes on my Land cruiser 100 with IFS. I have to admit it took much longer as I have anticipated, I’m sure if I have to do the job again, no doubt the left hand side will need to be done one day, it will be much faster as I will know what to do. Of course the job is much easier if I would have a proper workshop where I could lift the Land Cruiser up on a ramp but unfortunately I have to work on my driveway. At least the weather has been good  so I could not had it any better. I had no problem to fit the wishbone back to the axle. Everything has gone smooth on the end. The only job which need to be done is get the wheels aligned. I’m not planning to use the Cruiser for the next couple of weeks, it will have to wait until August. I have already spoken to my local Toyota dealer and he seems to have a very good rate to do it.

The only tool which I have purchased for the work is a original Puller,from the Toyota dealer 09628-62011. I’m sure another puller would have done the job as well but I have to admit it has made my life much easier. Money well spend.




I have not painted the Wishbone yet, the black is the Dinitrol RC 900 Rust converter.


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