Land Cruiser 100 Wing replacement

It started about 2 years ago, when I have noticed a view bubbles developing in the paint work of the right wing. I know soon or later I will have to do something about it.  If I would have bothered a bit earlier I could save the wing with a bit of welding. Unfortunately I have left it to long and the best and probably the cheapest alternative was to buy a new wing. I ordered a new one at my local Toyota dealer and within 2 days I had the wing in my hands. Luckily the Girl from the shop noticed the new Wing was a bit bend on the corners and she has ordered a new one strait away. I have to admit the service at my dealer is fantastic. After another couple of days I received the wing, this time undamaged.




First job was to take the snorkel off to make a new template. I have lost he original template which was supplied with the gear.


To transfer and cutting out to the new wing was no bother at all.


As I want the replacement wing to last a bit longer as the old one. I had to protect the inner side of the wing and also the inner fender apron with corrosion inhibitor. For this I have used first  DINITROL RC900S Rust Converter and after some drying time sprayed some DINITROL 3125 Cavity Wax.







Job done. Next step is to hand the LC over to the paint shop.


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