Battery Management System for my Land Cruiser

For many years I have used an intelligent Battery system to connect the two main batteries with the auxiliary battery. I have chosen the IBS System which is made in Switzerland and I was very happy with the system. First I had the IBS fitted in my Isuzu Trooper and later after I have sold my Trooper in to the Land Cruiser.

 Now, after many years of trouble free use, the IBS system has packed in and after a view unsuccessful trials of repairing the equipment and also fitting a couple of new relays I have decided to purchase a new one.

 The IBS system is fairly expensive and as I plan to go on to our long holiday trip very soon I don’t want to spend so much money again. Luckily with a bit of research in the internet I found a similar system from T-Max in Australia for the fraction of the costs.

 The fitting was very easy as I could use the old wiring from the IBS system and I’m wondering if it is not build from the same manufactures. Even the colour code of the cables is the same.

 Only the solenoid is different and seems to me a bit stronger build and also good for 180 Amps. The function of both displays units are the same and include a manual over-ride feature.


Old IBS display unit


IBS Solenoid


T-MAX display unit


T-Max 180 Amp Solenoid


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