Iberian Adventure

For our annual trip this year, we will travel across Europe from north to south (and back again). Unfortunately it won’t be as long as we would like – only 20 days to cram everything in we want to do.

If everything works out as planned, we will hit the road very soon. Our first stop is the “Buschtaxi gathering” in Storndorf, central Germany, where we hope to stay until the weekend. We have attended this gathering for the last two years and we enjoyed it so much we decided to re-jig our travel plans so we could be part of this again. The gathering is very popular and well attended. It’s aimed at owners (and want-to-be owners and fans) of all Toyota Land cruiser, Hilux and FJ Cruiser models, along with many other people from all over Europe.

After leaving this event, we intend to travel on to southern France. After a short stay there, we plan to head on down to Spain and maybe thereafter on to Portugal. We need to pack a lot into a relatively short space of time as we have already booked a ferry return from Santander (Spain) back home for the end of September.



The photo  shows the RTT and some boxes already in place. Spare wheels fitted and nearly ready to go.


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