Iberian Adventure – relaxing in Barcelona

The crossing of France was no problem at all and this afternoon we arrived in Barcelona in good spirit. The weather is fantastic. We have 30 degrees Celsius which is a bit of a transformation of the single figures which has shown on the Buschtaxi gathering. Now it is time to dry our mattress from the RTT and also time to relax and maybe later with a nice glass of Spanish wine.






3 thoughts on “Iberian Adventure – relaxing in Barcelona

  1. HI, wanted to know if you had fabricated the ladder to your roof rack or purchase off the shelf? Is it foldable? Where do you store it?


    1. The purchased the ladder from African Outback many years ago and is indeed foldable. I store the ladder on the roof rack but as it is not very big it could be also stored in the boot. The only modification I have made was two rubber buffers which I have added on the bottom to prevent scratching the tree slider. I’m not sure if this kind of ladder is still on the marked but I would not see a big problem to fabricate one for myself.


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