Leaking inlet fuel pipe

A couple of days before we returned home from our Iberian trip I noticed a slight fuel leak whilst refuelling the LC. My biggest fear was the fuel tank but luckily it was only the fuel pipe.

The fuel pipe was in a bad condition, but in the future I was hoping to fit an auxiliary tank and buy a new fuel pipe with that, so I hoped to get away with the old “rotten” one first. Unfortunately my plan did not work out and I had to fork the money out for a new pipe assembly.

I could get it in the UAE for very little money but adding the freight costs on it is about the same if I get one from my Local Toyota dealer. Anyway, I think it is far to expensive for a piece of thin pipe.





The rubber pipe connection for the tank needs attention but I plan to drop the tank in the winter so I can check the condition and then I can replace the pipes.


New pipe was a nightmare to fit, I’m wondering how they get it in on the first place.


The old bracket was totally rotten. I had to grind the old bolts of, re drill the holes and use a kind of metal plug to fit the new bracket.

DSCN0137That’s better.


I think the old pipe is ready for the bin.


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