Removing locking wheel nuts

Now, something new for me was to try removing locking wheel nuts from my Land cruiser. I have not lost the key nut,  a pin broke of when I was trying to remove the front wheels. I’m religiously torquing the wheel nuts to there specific setting but still could get them not off. I have changed my locking nuts about 2 years ago as the old ones were looking a bit worn and I thought  I don’t really want to come into a situation where I will not be able to get them off. Luckily this happen now, despite haven fairly new ones, at home. I don’t want to think what would be happen if I travelled somewhere.



I purchased a set of wheel nuts remover. The 7mm was just right. I had to remove the rotating protector shroud first with the help of a flat screw driver and a Hammer ( very easy).


i need to tap the removal tool slightly on and as the thread is left going it screws tightly on and with the help of a extension bar I could get it off.


The bigger problem was to get the old nut of the tool.  Some folks told me to put it in a vice and screw it off.


Great idea and easy said, I have managed to destroy my bench vice with trying to remove the tool. Could you believe that!


With help of a welding torch and my wood working vice I managed to remove the tool from the locking wheel nut. The second one was no problem at all.


New wheel nut’s on, but definitely not a locking nut. They have gone to scrap now. I want use any of them anymore. You just asking for problems when travelling a lot and far from home.


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