New brakes for the Land cruiser

On my last inspection I have been advised the front rotors on my Land Cruiser 100 has been warped. Not I have noticed anything, not even a slight judder or vibration. Anyway the best is to change them out. I have pushed it out a bit as I was waiting for the right weather conditions. Now the summer is here and there we go.DSC_6899As mentioned before the discs does look not that bad but they are cheap to replace

DSC_6906Taken the bits apart was painless and a matter of a couple of hours.

DSC_6909I kept the old bearings as they are still in good condition, maybe I will have some ordered and keep them as spare. Scraped the old grease out, cleaned it up and put new grease in.


The Old Men Emu shocks from Australia looking a bit tired not just the cosmetic but also their damping is not the best anymore. Maybe I fork out for a new set. Better I sleep over this and make a decision tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “New brakes for the Land cruiser

    1. What happen to the wheel stud? Has it shared off or is only the thread damaged? Luckily on the 100 series is it an easy job to replace them.


      1. I bought this 100 second hand and the previous owner took it to a tyre shop that cross threaded or over torqued them. I had to replace six of them already, this one broke during a tyre repair. I hope it’s the last one. I make sure to hand torque them.


  1. I would believe it was over torqued. The Tire shops and Garages tend to do this here too.
    This reminds me back in the 80’s when I stuck in Russia with a Lorry as all-6 studs shared off. The brake drum and rim was damaged beyond repair and replacement was far and between. Happy days!


  2. Question: I was asking a friend that owns a 100 Series about doing the front brakes and he said it was tough to replace the rotors and that he had to use a bench press. Did you have to do that to do yours?


    1. I don’t think you will need a bench press. You should be able to get the rotor’s off the carrier with a slight wack with a hammer. I had no problems with it. The carrier can take a lot, even a persuasion with a stell hammer will not harm the carrier, just look out to not hit the ABS ring ( if your LC have Anti-lock braking system)


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