New brakes on Land cruiser 3

The post should be called new brakes and new shock absorbers as I end up to change them as well. Anyway the right hand side did not work out so gut as the left one. The caliper was sticking and I had to take the 4 pistons out, clean everything up and build it together again. Luckily the o-rings has been in good condition and I could use them again.



After the clean up, all the bits a ready to get fit together again.


New gasket added to the drive flange cover.


Also on the right side, some slight wear on the shaft but I have used a 400er emery cloth to cleaned it up.


Just on time my Pedders shock absorbers arrived. They are looking huge compare to the Old Men Emu’s. I hope they performing better then the OME’s.


Everything build together again. I had the Land Cruiser for a test drive. I could not see any difference from the Pedder’s shocks to the OME’s. Time will tell. I still have to change the rear shocks out, maybe tomorrow… weather permitting.


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