Pedders shocks for my Land cruiser

I have finish successfully the brakes and as I have mentioned before I noticed one of the front OME shocks are broken. The other would be still OK. I have ordered a set of Pedders, another Australian Manufactor  of suspension systems. I have ordered the TrakRyder foam cell shocks which have a bigger bore of 40mm  and also looking massive compares to the Old Man Emu.

The state of the rear OME’s also not the best, still usable  but I believe to change all of them out is the best solution


It proved to be very difficult to remove the old shock from the right side. Access is limited and I could not get any tools on to loosen the nut. After a couple of hours I have given up and got the grinder out. It took only 5 minutes to get the OME off. I should have done this on the first place.



Anyway job is done. New shocks installed.


After a test drive I have noticed the new Pedders TrakRyder are much firmer than my old OME shocks N133 & 101. I tested the Land cruiser only on tarmac and empty. I guess fully laden will be a much nicer ride. Even Pedders claim the TrakRyder better for heavy laden vehicles and for harsh and unrelenting conditions.

I hope the shock perform as they claim to be and I can’t wait to try them off road and fully laden.


2 thoughts on “Pedders shocks for my Land cruiser

    1. Normally only require changing when the LC begins to feel “spongy” and unresponsive whilst driving. My LC is usually pretty heavily laden, so the effects are probably more pronounced under these conditions. I had replaced the originals with ARB’s but they failed to live up to my expectations. I decided to go with Pedders. I have fitted Pedders Foam Cell Trakryders which are a rugged construction designed for heavy duty 4WD use. I sincerely hope they are better and more long lasting than the ARB’s.


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