Land Cruiser rusty frame 2

Now I have removed my fuel tank and this gives me the opportunity to clean the rust of the frame and under body. The frame looks pretty bad where the tank sits but surprisingly the underbody is in a very good condition. I used a grinder with a wire wheel to get the worsted off and the rest I have sprayed with Dinitrol  RC900 which is convenient as it comes in an aerosol can  which converts rust into a stable, black protective polymeric coating and can the painted over.





4 thoughts on “Land Cruiser rusty frame 2

    1. Corrosion is a very big problem in the UK. Rain and constant damp air does not help to prolong a Car life. I wish we would have a Mediterranean climate or the same as in California.


      1. Yes, the salt the roads and to be honest it would be often not drivable in the Winter month. It could be questionable if so much salt and grit needed as it seems to me sometimes it is too much. This is a reasons why we have so much bother with rust. When you buy a second hand car in the UK the first you looking out is for rust and then the state of the mechanical condition. I want to keep my Land Cruiser so long as it is possible and I know I will have to fight constantly to keep the rust in bay.


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