Auxiliary Tank – completion

Finally I have finished the auxiliary tank. Frontrunner claim it takes 6 hours to complete the task, it has taken longer then i thought. Then again my extra paint jobs and the preparation took a lot of time. It was fairly easy to lift the tank in to the prepared brackets  and bolting it up. It was also easy  to install the spare wheel carrier it was a very tight fit needless to say.


I had great difficulty to fit the supplied hose for the connection between the aux. tank and the main tank. The hose is only 4 inches long  and needed to be connected to the original filler pipe. As the connection is to close to the crossmember No. 7,  I could not get a proper seal on it and I ended up using my old rubber tank filler hose instead. The hose clamp – circled –  was a nightmare to tighten. Eventually I got this right too. I hate to think that one day I will have to replace the hose.


Filler pipe from auxiliary tank to main tank. The small pipe is the vent pipe from main tank which is now connected near to the filler cap.


Main tank with new protector. It is much easier to remove the exhaust to fit the tank in place. I could save myself a lot of time if I  had removed it before hand.


Some modification needed on the tank inlet pipe for the extra breather hoses.


The spare wheel is slightly lower to the ground.



2 thoughts on “Auxiliary Tank – completion

  1. Awesome to see this project completed. An aux tank would be great for my JK. I am a little surprised to see that you kept the spare tire under the vehicle. I have always felt uncomfortable with hanging a tire under a vehicle especially one that doesn’t have a great departure angle. I just feel like there is too much of a puncture risk. Anyway congrats on your recently completed project.


    1. Thanks Tobias, much appreciated.

      I’m glad I got the Tank in and to be honest I thought it will be much easier to fit. Next time I would use a car lift. I’m pleased to have the auxiliary tank, even it holds only 62 litres but it makes a big difference. The main tank holds 95 litres and both together I should make more than 600 miles, which was my target. In Europe the fuel prices vary between different countries and it can make a significant savings by crossing some borders just to fill up.

      I can see why you surprised that I have the spare wheel back under the tank. The reason is I travel a lot to Europe and particular to Austria and then I don’t need the double spare wheel carrier as it is a bit of an overkill and a lot extra weight to hump around. If I go further to Eastern Europe or Morocco then I fit my dual spare wheel carrier and then of course I remove the wheel under the car. I’m not too much concerned damaging the wheel as usual they have all sorts of minor cuts on side wall bud still good enough to use it as spare.

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