Greenlaning in Northumberland

After all the repairs and modifications of which I have recently done, I wanted to give the Land Cruiser a good test drive to see how he behaved. We took the LC to a mild Greenlaning session in Northumberland with the stunning views and ideal routes.


Great to take advantage of the weather as the routes won’t be this dry and green for much longer this year.

Diane really enjoyed her drive in the LC.




Even the Highland Cows are interested to see the Land cruiser and Diane or are they just being nosey?



3 thoughts on “Greenlaning in Northumberland

  1. That looks like a nice drive. I have to imagine in your position it isn’t all that easy to find places to off-road. Maybe I’m mistaken. In the U.S. land is so controlled that going off-road where I am located isn’t all that easy, mostly forest and fire roads around me, if you want practice with the extreme stuff you have to find an off-road park, which is a little less realistic, and a little more engineered.


    1. That’s correct, It is not that easy to go offroading. In the UK there is an old government law which allows Vehicles to use byways. Some of them fairly easy to drive and can be used with any Car and some are very challenging which I even struggle with my Land Cruiser. The majority of byways are on private land and the Farmers are not overly keen when people use them but I have to admit I have never had any bother yet.


      1. That’s pretty cool. Out West we have Bureau of Land Management land, much of which is completely open to public use. Where I live in the Midwest state forest roads and a handful of off-road parks are all we have. There are some plans to connect forest roads going out nearly 300 miles across the state.


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