Hi – I am originally from Austria, but now live and work in the UK. Due to the nature of my work, I have periods where I have time to travel, both in the UK and Europe in my Land Cruiser. I manage to get a bit of “green lane” driving done from time to time, mainly in Northumberland ,Cumbria and Yorkshire.  My wife and I have always been interested in travel, and now that the kids are grown up we have a bit more time to indulge in our interests. I like to couple the off-roading with travel and my other hobby, photography.

This blog is a mixture of travel, 4×4 “green lane” information and photography, with links to my off road videos.  I’ve added some tips, advice, suggestions and pictures on the modifications I have made to my Land Cruiser. These vehicle modifications have made me (well, us) truly “go anywhere” people. I hope that anyone reading this may find it not only useful, but can learn from my mistakes (and perhaps take my advice on how to avoid them) in the blog.  I will be posting further reports on my (our) travels and expeditions, along with any further modifications I make to the Land Cruiser. I hope all of you readers find this information useful.




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