Auxiliary Tank – Preparation

Finally, I have completed the refurbishment of the main fuel tank and managed to fit the tank back in place. It took me far longer as I have anticipated. Now I want to fit the auxiliary tank from Frontrunner which are made in South Africa. Frontrunner claims the tank hold 62 litres which is more than sufficient for my purpose.

The tank is much smaller than the Long Ranger which is made in Australia and hold up to 182 litres. The advantage of the smaller tank is; it is much cheaper and I can place my spare wheel back under the LC as the original layout was.


The tank came with all the fittings and painted. The paint job is probably good enough for South African roads but definitely not for Europe with all the rain and road salt in the winter.


I rough sanded the surface, then I slapped a couple of coats zinc primer on and after ample trying time a generously amount of black chassis paint.


Finally, I covered the surface with DINITROL 3125 HS wax which can be used for surfaces and cavities. This should prolong the life of the tank significantly.




New Pedders springs installed on my Land cruiser

The other day when I had my head under the LC I noticed the left hand spring was broken.  Last year I installed new Pedders shock absorbers but never bothered to change the springs as well. The Pedders shocks are heavy duty but I’m not sure if this had anything to do with the broken spring. It seems to me not so long ago when I have installed the Old Man Emu springs but after I have checked the mileage on it, I discovered it was more then 50 000 miles. So they have not performed as badly as the LC is very often heavy laden and used offroad a lot.


It did not took very long for a new set of Pedders (7845) extra heavy duty springs to arrive and with a pair of Urethane 20mm Coil Spring Insulator which fit perfectly to it.


The Pedders springs are slightly higher than the OME’s and definitely stiffer but the diameter of the coil is still the same.


It took a bit an effort to install the new springs as they not compress very well but eventually I have succeeded. Pedders claim this springs are suited for constantly loaded vehicles but I plan to install an auxiliary tank in the near future, this is not an issue for me as Io will have plenty extra weight on the rear axle.


I hope the pedders coil springs perform so well as the OME’s. Only time will tell.

Pedders shocks for my Land cruiser

I have finish successfully the brakes and as I have mentioned before I noticed one of the front OME shocks are broken. The other would be still OK. I have ordered a set of Pedders, another Australian Manufactor  of suspension systems. I have ordered the TrakRyder foam cell shocks which have a bigger bore of 40mm  and also looking massive compares to the Old Man Emu.

The state of the rear OME’s also not the best, still usable  but I believe to change all of them out is the best solution


It proved to be very difficult to remove the old shock from the right side. Access is limited and I could not get any tools on to loosen the nut. After a couple of hours I have given up and got the grinder out. It took only 5 minutes to get the OME off. I should have done this on the first place.



Anyway job is done. New shocks installed.


After a test drive I have noticed the new Pedders TrakRyder are much firmer than my old OME shocks N133 & 101. I tested the Land cruiser only on tarmac and empty. I guess fully laden will be a much nicer ride. Even Pedders claim the TrakRyder better for heavy laden vehicles and for harsh and unrelenting conditions.

I hope the shock perform as they claim to be and I can’t wait to try them off road and fully laden.

New brakes on Land cruiser 3

The post should be called new brakes and new shock absorbers as I end up to change them as well. Anyway the right hand side did not work out so gut as the left one. The caliper was sticking and I had to take the 4 pistons out, clean everything up and build it together again. Luckily the o-rings has been in good condition and I could use them again.



After the clean up, all the bits a ready to get fit together again.


New gasket added to the drive flange cover.


Also on the right side, some slight wear on the shaft but I have used a 400er emery cloth to cleaned it up.


Just on time my Pedders shock absorbers arrived. They are looking huge compare to the Old Men Emu’s. I hope they performing better then the OME’s.


Everything build together again. I had the Land Cruiser for a test drive. I could not see any difference from the Pedder’s shocks to the OME’s. Time will tell. I still have to change the rear shocks out, maybe tomorrow… weather permitting.

New brakes for the Land Cruiser 2

I had a lot on my plate today but I’m still managed to complete the rebuild of the left front brake. The calliper was still in a good condition, all 4 pistons moved freely and all what it needed was a leak of paint.


The drive shaft shows slight signs of wear but still in acceptable state. I will keep an eye on it.DSC_6915

Voilà, the left hand side is completed.

I will replace the Old Men Emu shocks with the Australian build Pedders TrackRyder Foam cell 9501 for the front and 9502 for the rear. I’m never used them before and I’m locking forward to receive the shocks tomorrow. I hope they are so good as I have in my mind.

New brakes for the Land cruiser

On my last inspection I have been advised the front rotors on my Land Cruiser 100 has been warped. Not I have noticed anything, not even a slight judder or vibration. Anyway the best is to change them out. I have pushed it out a bit as I was waiting for the right weather conditions. Now the summer is here and there we go.DSC_6899As mentioned before the discs does look not that bad but they are cheap to replace

DSC_6906Taken the bits apart was painless and a matter of a couple of hours.

DSC_6909I kept the old bearings as they are still in good condition, maybe I will have some ordered and keep them as spare. Scraped the old grease out, cleaned it up and put new grease in.


The Old Men Emu shocks from Australia looking a bit tired not just the cosmetic but also their damping is not the best anymore. Maybe I fork out for a new set. Better I sleep over this and make a decision tomorrow.

Iberian Adventure – Algarve

We left Seville in good Spirit and was heading over to the south coast of Portugal. We stayed in Armacao de Pera,  Algarve. Absolutely beautiful place and we enjoyed it very much. The weather could be not better and with around 27 degrees Celcius and all day sunshine what else you can ask for.





Early Start on a beautiful morning…….lovely