Continuous Battery Charger

The Land Cruiser 100 series alarm system continually consumes a lot of power, so when the car is not in use for some time, this drains the batteries.

I had an idea to connect the car on shore power, similar to the marine environment, when the LC is parked up at the front of the house.

I required a specialist charger of which I can permanently fit into the LC, which is also built for harsh environments, and needed to be waterproof.

I purchased a Blue Power IP67 Battery Charger from Victron Energy as it is an Adaptive 4-stage charger (bulk, absorption, float and storage) of which is also maintenance free. I also bought IP68 plugs for the connections.


IP68 connector



I added an extra connector to make bumper removal easier, when necessary.


Blue Power IP67 Battery Charger, designed to charge batteries 14-225 Ah (including a Start Interrupt Function)


A relay was added to prevent the car from starting whilst it is connected to power. This is an added bonus to prevent me driving off whilst connected.


This is the layout of the charger on the right hand side of the Engine Bay.


Connection on ARB front bumper.


RCD (Residual Current Device) on wall of house.


Voilà! Continuous charge!


An Alpine Jaunt – Graubuenden in Switzerland

We had a very enjoyable day travelling around Kanton Graubuenden. The weather was fantastic. Even in the Mountains we still had 27 degrees celsius.



Hoist for Roof tent

The last 10 years I have lifted the Roof rack and the Roof tent with somebody’s help on to the Land Cruiser. Usually nobody is around when I want to do it. Unfortunately my Garage is not high enough to lift on to the Car. The best bet is to fabricate some kind of a small hoist, which I can dismantle easily and stow away. Also it should save a lot of time.

My idea is to use the hitch receiver from the ARB bumper to connect the crane as the Land cruiser would act as counter weight and saves me having to make a solid stand up.

I purchased 50x50mm Box tube, the reason is the ARB hitch receiver is about the same size and I got my welding gear out.


It was a bit of trial and error until I found the best solution. First I thought I would make the complete hoist out of the box tube but it was far too heavy to handle it single-handed and if I need a helping hand what’s the point to make it in the first place?



Only the first section is out of the box tube.


It is very important the hoist can turn 360 degrees to handle the Roof tent and also the roof rack. I found a cheap bearing and some scaffolding tubes on the Internet that would fit precisely in to the box tube.


I found a cheap bearing and some scaffolding tubes on the Internet that would fit precisely in to the box tube.


A simple mechanism, made out of scaffolding fittings. I can add a longer tube if necessary.


I braced the 90 degrees angle for sturdiness and which can be altered very easily to compensate for the flexing.


The hoist is built in the simplest manner and can be dismantled in very short time for storage.


After painting, I have fitted it to the Land cruiser for a trial.


The bottom part fits in to the ARB hitch receiver.


I used the roof rack for the test.



It worked very well. I have no problem with the height for the roof rack but for the roof tent is it probably to low, but I can alter the height of the scaffolding pole. At the minute I won’t be needing to use the roof tent, therefore I can change things around later on.


I have no problems with the hand winch and cable. Also the brace is more then strong enough.

Iberian Adventure – Gibraltar

Gibraltar is not very far from Malaga and worth a visit. well we decided not to cross the border and stopped at La Linea de la Conception as we planned to travel further to Seville. The weather was very nice and hot about 35 degrees Celsius. A very nice Landcruiser 80 parked beside us but unfortunately the driver was not around . A view hours later we was heading up north to Seville.



Gibraltar – the “Rock” from the East



A very nice and tidy 80 series

Finishing touches on the Land Cruiser 100

The weather was good to me and I have managed to finish all the time consuming jobs to finish the LC off.

The Snorkel is fitted again also the wing protectors bolted on. I have painted the steps black, as I was never keen on the silver alloy color. I believe it does looks now much better. The roof rack is on again and all what is left is to get my wheels aligned, which I have planned for this week.