FRANCE 2017-4

We found a nice place to stop at Ste-Marie-Plage, just north of Perpignan with a lovely and clean sand beach. Also the camp side was great and first class. We had direct access to the beach and it took us only a minutes walk. Weather could be not better.

Stunning sunrise

Very clean beach

We had the swimming pool for our self. Hardly any people there.

Camp side between the trees and very quiet.


Greenlaning in Northumberland

After all the repairs and modifications of which I have recently done, I wanted to give the Land Cruiser a good test drive to see how he behaved. We took the LC to a mild Greenlaning session in Northumberland with the stunning views and ideal routes.


Great to take advantage of the weather as the routes won’t be this dry and green for much longer this year.

Diane really enjoyed her drive in the LC.




Even the Highland Cows are interested to see the Land cruiser and Diane or are they just being nosey?


An Alpine Jaunt – Eurotunnel

It was tight, but we made it. i promise I will leave earlier next time. Well I say this every time. Anyway we managed to get on our booked train on the Eurotunnel. The traffic was not bad, also the weather was fine.




Iberian Adventure – Santander

We arrived at the Ferry Port in Santander with some time to spare. We have visited the City and also managed to squeeze a Harbour round trip on a boat in. Coincidently our Brittany Ferry  “Cap Finistere”  arrived on the same time and we had a look while the boat sailed by. The weather is very good to us and with a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius it was a nice end to our time away.






Iberian Adventure – Gibraltar

Gibraltar is not very far from Malaga and worth a visit. well we decided not to cross the border and stopped at La Linea de la Conception as we planned to travel further to Seville. The weather was very nice and hot about 35 degrees Celsius. A very nice Landcruiser 80 parked beside us but unfortunately the driver was not around . A view hours later we was heading up north to Seville.



Gibraltar – the “Rock” from the East



A very nice and tidy 80 series


Finishing touches on the Land Cruiser 100

The weather was good to me and I have managed to finish all the time consuming jobs to finish the LC off.

The Snorkel is fitted again also the wing protectors bolted on. I have painted the steps black, as I was never keen on the silver alloy color. I believe it does looks now much better. The roof rack is on again and all what is left is to get my wheels aligned, which I have planned for this week.



Paint job on Land Cruiser 100

I was very surprised about the quality of the paint job when I picked the car up from the shop. Both the left wing and the tailgate have been painted and look just like the rest of the car.

Now it’s time to put all the pieces together; snorkel, roof rack and the rest…