Timing Valve assembly installation completed – Land Cruiser Amazon 100, J10

I received the timing valve in the post and of course I head outside to install it to the injection pump.  I could complete the build up in a fraction of the time which took me to dismantle everything. I got a bit worried when I could not start the engine strait away. In fact it took me about 20 minutes to start the motor. The injection pump and pipes have been empty and it took some time to get everything running. I have used the little hand pump on the filter to push the fuel in to the injection pump,  but I’m not sure if this has made a difference.

I took the Land cruiser for a test run and after the engine warm up, it run perfectly. All what I have to do now is to put the bracket clamps on to the fuel line and the 2 covers for the injection pump.

If anyone ever experience the same problem on the Land Cruiser 100 with the HD-FTE engine and the injection pump 22100-1C170 the suction valve or the proper name Valve Assy, Timing  number is 09630-0580 from Denso. This valve can not be ordered via Toyota or Denso. It has to be 3rd party supplier and  I could not get it from Partsouq or Amayama in the UAE.

Can someone spot the mistake what I have made with the assembly?




Checking Valve Clearance on HD-FTE and other small tasks

As I’m still waiting for the new Timing Control Valve, which will be delivered soon, I got time left to do other tasks which I have pushed out far to long. One of those is to check and adjust the valves on the engine. The cylinder head cover No.1 and No. 2 are off and the access is very good.

On the outside of the intake manifold I have noticed a carbon deposits  build up and as it is everything stripped down I changed the gaskets and also cleaned everything up, so good as it gets. I did not bother clean the inlet ports on the head as I don’t want anything going down to the valve seats. On the end I would have to take the cylinder head of to cleaned out. No way.

Timing Control Valve – Land Cruiser 100

As I have mentioned on my previous post I noticed a small leak on the injection pump. Not a lot, but enough so I have to fix the problem.  I checked the pump and noticed the plug for the Timing Control Valve was soaked  in fuel and when the engine is running a trop of fuel came out every 10 seconds or so.

As it is always, the access to the valve is very bad  as it is located on the bottom of the pump. The only way to remove the valve is to dismantle the injector lines, brackets and pump stay.

It took me a long time to remove everything. Some people say it can be done without removing the injector lines but I could not get on to the rear bolts of the pump stay while the lines are in place.

This is the timing control valve or suction control valve which is a DENSO part. The problem is, the fuel is leaking  through the plastic connector which cannot be repaired. Unfortunately Toyota will or can not sell this part. They would rather sell me a new injection pump for an astronomical prize. I could source this valve from a specialist company but it will take some time to get it.

Oil Level Sensor – Land Cruiser 100

The other day I have noticed a slight oil leak on the Oil sump on my Land Cruiser Amazon.  The sump was covered with lub oil and it took me not very long to discover it came from the oil level sensor which is located  on the left side of the oil pan. I checked with Toyota and a replacement o-ring is available for the sensor. The sensor is connected with 4 bolts on to a flange which is glued to the oil sump. My concern was,  the leak is not from the o-ring on the sensor but on the flange connected to thee oil pan. As the lub oil needed changing anyway I dumped all the oil out and then it was very easy to remove the 4 bolts. The sensor is very easy to remove and I noticed the o-ring was in a bad state.

With the replacement O-ring came a description how to change it. I’m pleased I have read it as I found out the old o-ring is connected to a smaller o-ring on the sensor. The connection need cut off without disturbing the inner ring. Very easy to do and takes only a view minutes.

Before fitting I have given everything a good clean and also smeared a bit flange sealant on. Just in case. Added lub oil and give the Car a good run. Everything is fine so far.

As I have check it again  I noticed another leak. It looks like this time from the Injector pump but I have to do this on a another day.


FRANCE 2017-6

We had another enjoyable day in the Camargue. Very hot day again. Unbelievable it is September now. We travelled to the south coast to a small town called Salin-de-Giraud. Not a lot there and everything closed over lunch time. We moved on and head to Port-St-Louis-du-Rhone, which is just around the corner. We discovered we had to board a ferry, which brings us over the River Rhone as on the river delta is no bridges.

Very nice port and a lot of yachts. Some folks must have a lot of money. We have seen a very nice sailing boat which came over from the Caribbean. Must be lovely to sail around the world.

Very nice place and we have spend the hole afternoon here before we headed back to our camp site.

FRANCE 2017-4

We found a nice place to stop at Ste-Marie-Plage, just north of Perpignan with a lovely and clean sand beach. Also the camp side was great and first class. We had direct access to the beach and it took us only a minutes walk. Weather could be not better.

Stunning sunrise

Very clean beach

We had the swimming pool for our self. Hardly any people there.

Camp side between the trees and very quiet.

FRANCE 2017-3

We went on the move next morning heading east to Toulouse and half way there we decide to make a stop in Lourdes, one of the great shrines in Europe to visit the Grotte Massabielle.

We travelled  further to St. Gaudens and then via the Midi Pyrenees in to Spain to a small town of Bosset which is on the foot of Sierra Sascorjada. There we stayed over Night.


After an early start next morning we heading to Andorra but driving the small mountain roads from Vielha  to Salardu, Port de la Bonaigua which has a stunning view from over 2000 meter. Unfortunately the fog has spoiled it but we still had a great time despite the road been very challenging for the Land cruiser.

Further to Vall d’Aneu, Sort and the Coll the Canto to Seo de Urgel  which brings us to Andorra la Vella. We stopped for a meal and of course very cheap fuel. We wished the Land cruiser had bigger Diesel tanks.

We continued on afternoon via Pas de la Casa in to France and was heading to Perpignan where we planned to stay for a view days.