Greenlaning in Northumberland

After all the repairs and modifications of which I have recently done, I wanted to give the Land Cruiser a good test drive to see how he behaved. We took the LC to a mild Greenlaning session in Northumberland with the stunning views and ideal routes.


Great to take advantage of the weather as the routes won’t be this dry and green for much longer this year.

Diane really enjoyed her drive in the LC.




Even the Highland Cows are interested to see the Land cruiser and Diane or are they just being nosey?


A Day in the Moors

A  short time ago we spent a day offroading in the Yorkshire Moors. A good friend joined us for the trip. The weather was fantastic for the time of the year and we could not have asked for more.  In the afternoon it turned a bit chilly as the wind picked up but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we continued to have a great time.


Checking the Route


The first part


The 80 series needed a bit a help from the 100 as the front and rear differential locks we’re not working


The 100 series behaved very well


80 series in the rocky section