Brake Booster Pump failure

On my way home, suddenly the ABS and brake light came on. I checked the LC over but could not find any fault. Luckily it was not very far to go and I arrived safely at home.

It could only be the booster pump motor which failed, as I checked if the power was still on the connectors.

Access is very poor and to get the booster motor out, the hydraulic brake booster assembly had to be removed. Next question was where to get a replacement on a Friday afternoon as I have planned to drive the LC on Monday to the European Continent on holiday.

I phoned my local Toyota dealer and I’m told they could get the part for Saturday morning. I nearly dropped to the floor when they told me it will cost over £2000 for the motor and the accumulator. I’m sure I could get it cheaper elsewhere but not in this short time span.

I had no other choice and face the bill as this would be the only chance to continue with my holiday plans and using the Land Cruiser.



This is the whole assembly – hydraulic brake booster, booster pump motor and accumulator. I had to remove the panel and heater duct under the steering wheel to get access to the 4 bolts which connect the brake pedal to the assembly. Once everything is out it is fairly easy to disconnect the pump from the unit.


It is a simple way to check if the pump is broken. Connect the 2 terminals to a battery and the pump should work. This one did not.


This is the expensive new pump with the accumulator connected. Makes you wonder why it is so expensive.


When everything is installed, not much can be seen. Definitely not the work which is involved to get this part out.  At least I have the LC back on the road again.



12 thoughts on “Brake Booster Pump failure

  1. Did the booster pump make a noise before it went out? I have an odd underhood noise that I can’t track down. It sounds kind of like a power steering pump… but, doesn’t seem to be dependent on steering wheel input. We also only hear it in parking garages where there is enough echo and acoustics to amplify the sound. It’s kind of driving me batty…


    1. No, the booster pump did not made any noise. It just failed. The only time I ever hear the pump is when the ignition is on and the pump charging the pressure up, but this is only for a brief moment. As soon I start the LC nothing can be heard or only when I have the bonnet open and listen carefully.
      I have dismantled the old pump to find the cause of the failure and it seems the + wire connection has broken off but on the water tight plug-connection which I cannot fix myself. I’m looking now for a local electrical engineering firm which I hope can repair it.


  2. I have the same problem. Did you manage to find a cheaper one elsewhere? Or get yours fixed and want to sell it? Thanks


    1. If you want a new one the cheapest you will get is from the UAE, Amayama Trading or PartSouq. An alternative would be Ebay or car dismantler.
      Check first if the wire on the plug is still connected. This was my problem, the connector was damaged. I will definitely keep the old motor as spare.


  3. Good I am from Panama and I have a TLC 105, I was damaged twice … the first time, they were seals that I had inside … I spent only $ 70 dollars … the second time it was the motorc of the accumulator and rebuilt
    With labor and everything I spent $ 300 dollars.
    Without any problem until the sun today ….


    1. I believe I could get the old pump repaired again . Never came around to do it. I had to buy a new pump as I planned 2 days later to go for a trip to Europe. This has me not given enough time to fix the old pump. But I believe it is repairable.


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